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Keep your WordPress Website up to Date

Is your website running an old version of WordPress? Old versions of WordPress are extremely susceptible to being hacked, which is why you should keep your WordPress website updated. Optimized Corporation offers Worpress Upgrades in Panama for more than just security reasons.

Why Upgrade?

Did you know that nearly all WordPress websites are telling the world what version of WordPress they are running? This means ‘hackers’ know if you’re running an old and vulnerable version of WordPress.

Most attacks happen when attackers use automated programs and scripts that scan thousands of websites every minute, looking for old WordPress websites. When one is found, the software automatically hacks your website using known security holes, and inserts lots of nasty code and malware.

If you’ve ever been hacked before, you know that this can be very upsetting This is even worse if you have no website backups, and you lose your entire website!

Typically there are 2 or 3 updates per year, some of which include security fixes. Although no website can be 100% secure, keeping WordPress updated massively reduces the risk that your website will get hacked.

How we can Help

We’ll upgrade your WordPress site and plugins to the very latest version, this means your website has a massively reduced chance of being hacked. Here are some reasons why you’ll like our WordPress upgrade service:

  • You’ll have your really old version of WordPress updated to the latest version.
  • Updating WordPress from an old version is very time consuming, and things can easily go wrong. This is because the WordPress software changes a lot between different releases.
  • Our technical WordPress specialists will fix any problems during the upgrade process. This will save you from having to research obscure problems than can occur during upgrading.

  • To perform the upgrade process, we’ll copy your website and upgrade it on our own server. Once the upgrade is done, we’ll copy it back to your server. This massively reduces the impact on you and your website visitors.
  • Backups, backups, backups… We’ll backup your WordPress website before we do the upgrade, and during, and afterwards too. This means your website is completely safe, and can be restored at any time.

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