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Proffessional Photographer

We offer professional photography in Panama for events, private family meetings, pets, products, landscapes, nature, architecture, sports, and more. Having a selection of photographs is ideal for advertising or a great way to treasure a moment or a loved one. We also provide photo editing, removal of unwanted elements or imperfections.

For a photo shoot, or even more so a filming session, it is essential to have a person who has a planned idea of the development of the script, movements, wardrobe, and the poses, who can direct the models, accommodating if necessary something from the background.

Our director is very creative, full of new ideas and willingness to work and is able to develop a strategy for the session that creates a tool to communicate the right message to the desired goal.


We offer design and development of various scenarios. From booths to mirror human size boxes, we offer personalized services to create exactly what you need. Sometimes it is easy to create a scenario with basics but it takes creativity and ingenuity. And there are other times where you need to build something more complex that requires not only creativity but of knowledge, skill and use of materials and tools.

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