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Need to Clean and Organize your Website?

Websites today are not as easy to maintain as they used to be. There are many different web browsers now (that have all been updated recently) and there are devices like smart phones, tablets and iPads, too. With all the devices and different web browsers now used to access any given website, you have to make sure that every technical aspect of your website is up to date, which will probably involve a website cleaning in Panama.

Better for Search Engine Rankings?

Search engines (like Google) are now taking a closer look at websites (since there are so many websites now) and going into fine detail to decide which websites should be shown as better results (higher ranking). Just think about it, do you think search engines are going to list a website as a result that has lots of bad links on it, images not used properly or websites missing key elements?

Our Website Cleaning in Panama Includes:

  • Finding and repairing broken images and links
  • Adding missing ALT attributes of IMG (image) HTML tags
  • Testing all email addresses and forms
  • Updating copyright dates
  • Adding “favicon” and robots.txt files
  • Readjusting mis-sized images
  • Spell checking the entire site

The cost of getting a website cleaned up will vary and depend on how many pages there are, how the website is set up and how much work there is to do.

In some cases, it might just be worth doing a complete website redesign. If that is the case, then we will quote that option for you.

Don’t let your website sit there any longer in bad shape. Contact Optimized today to see how inexpensively we can get your website cleaned up and tuned up in Panama.

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