Diseño de Formularios PDF en Panamá

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Create Your Own Attractive Design for Office Paperwork

Completing a poorly designed PDF form design in Panama can be a painful experience. Inconsistent styling, unpredictable layout and confusing structure; these are the things that cause time delays, inaccurate results and ultimately lost sales.

At Optimized we design forms that are clear and intuitive. We understand how data is collected, align things to grids, mark out logical sections, make careful typeface choices and design to truly reflect your brand. For on-screen forms we then add fields, tickboxes, buttons, calculations and dropdowns to make data collection even easier.

So send us your text, instructions and company branding. Let us make your data collection more effective and fun.

Four Easy Steps for your PDF Form Design in Panama

1. Send us your files and instructions
2. We issue a quote for you to accept
3. We return your form for review
4. You complete payment when happy

PDF Form Design Service

Send us your final content, indicating clearly where any fields or checkboxes are required. Tell us how you intend the form to be completed: filled in on-screen, by hand or both. Include any corporate branding requirements, such as logos, fonts and color schemes. If your form includes dropdowns be sure to include the text for those too. We then handle everything:

Review Files
Confirm receipt of all input materials, including text, styling requests and branding.

Word Page Design
Create branded headers and colors. Format text, headings and apply pagination.

Word Form Layout
Optimize size and placement of each text field. Align all list items and table elements.

Check casing and single/double spacing, pair matching quotes and remove spaces before full stops.

PDF Buttons and Boxes
Add check boxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, calendars, date/time stamp fields.

Add calculation functions and conditional formatting to show or hide sections.

Test completion of the form to ensure smooth functionality for the user.

We send you a carefully laid-out, branded, fillable form with the entry fields highlighted. Your form is provided as a PDF file that may be completed on-screen with Adobe Reader, or printed out and completed by hand