Billboard Design in Panama

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Draw Attention with a Huge Format

Optimized provides full service billboard design in Panama as an included value to simplify the process of producing your advertising message. Our experienced artists are trained to create layouts that are readable and appealing, helping you create a concise, impactful message. Advertisers provide logos and any business specific images and copy that will be used in the art. Our designers are skilled at manipulating graphics and can assist in a variety of art related tasks.

Your high resolution logos, photos, or graphics can be submitted to use in your custom billboard design. Files need to be PC compatible and are easy to send. Outdoor advertising is competitive and this is why you need to know how to ensure your billboard has the best chance of being noticed and remembered.

When designing a billboard, the Optimized team strives to:

• Keep it simple. Six words or less, no distracting imagery or fonts

• Not to use it as a direct response medium. It is ok to have your phone number and website on your billboard, just remember that this is a secondary advertising medium, which means that it is ideal for brand, building and campaign support.

• Be smart and to the point. A smart billboard design will grab your audience’s attention and will leave a lasting impression. However, the message should be straight forward and allow people to get it in seconds.

• Focus on one message and one message only. You have only seconds to convey your idea, you don’t have time to list features, benefits and such.

Artwork Specifications

Customers can take advantage of our design services to help them create their billboard advertisement. Advertisers supply copy elements according the following specifications:

1. Logos – if you want to include your logo in your design, we need to have it in the highest resolution possible (minimum of 300 dpi and no smaller than 800 pixels tall). We need the raw file, and not embedded in a Publisher or Word document. The logo can be sent to us as a .tiff, .jpg or scalable .esp. (vector files are preferred but not mandatory).

2. Art graphics and photos – if you wish to have pictures or other graphics on your design, they need to be high resolution (minimum of 300 dpi and no smaller than 6 inches tall) The file type can be the same as the logo (.tiff, .jpg or scalable .eps). Most pictures and graphics pulled from websites aren’t high enough resolution for billboard art.

3. Copy – Seven words or less is optimal for a billboard design. Remember, your audience only has a short time to read your message so the fewer words you can use the better.

4. Fonts – If you must use a specific font, please provide the name of the font. If you don’t need a specific font type for corporate or franchise requirements, allow us to choose a font for your design. We know the fonts that work best for readability on billboards.