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Why Use Optimized to Create and Promote your Website?

We’re professionals.
We’re veterans of the web design world, with years of experience creating successful sites.

We use a holistic approach.
A good website is a well-balanced website. A well-balanced website does exactly what you want, gives your users exactly what they want, and ranks well with search engines.

We have marketing experience.
We’ve got more than technological know-how going for us. Optimized websites are built on a foundation of years of real-world marketing experience. We carefully analyze your market and all of the keywords people might use to find your site. Then, we tailor your new website for maximum marketing effectiveness/impact with search engines and users.

Our sites are web standards compliant.
This means that our websites run well and fast on any browser, and are designed with an emphasis on accessibility and usability.

Our websites are easy to maintain.
What good is a website that isn’t easy for you to use? Optimized are happy to provide website maintenance services, but our goal is to give you great value for your investment. This means we strive to create sites that are easy for you to update and maintain yourself, saving you money.

We have native speaking, multi-lingual staff.
Our staff can create perfect English and Spanish content in their own native language.

We’re a one-stop-shop for your web needs.
We can do more for you than just create a website.  Optimized also offers full-featured hosting plans, dedicated servers, website maintenance, copywriting, domain names, and more.

We respond to your emails and phone calls.
When you want your website updated you want it done immediately. We will respond to your requests within 24 hours.