Publicidad Waze en Panamá - Waze Advertising in Panama

Why Use Waze Advertising in Panama?

Waze is the most popular app to help find the best route to their destinations in Panama. Along the route drivers share information with other drivers such as construction locations, gas prices, traffic status,etc.

Waze Advertising in Panama can be used to build awareness of your business during the drive and increase foot traffic and walk-ins when you stop or reach your final location.

Types of Waze Ads?

Waze advertisers can view the quantity and frequency of the engagements and actions users have performed from the ads.
You filter these metrics by campaign, offers, locations and ad unit.


Pin ads are the mini-billboards showing up on the Waze map. The Branded Pins pop up and remind drivers that your business is on or near their route. They can see business address, store hours, phone number, etc.


When the Waze user is searching for a destination in Waze, if you promoted your location your business will be given priority in the search results It includes your business logo and address.


The Zero-Speed takeover ad only display when the driver has been static for over three seconds. They can give additional information, as a special overlay, to a Waze user who is looking for more information from on your location.

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Image Sizes

There are three types of images available for Waze ads.

  • Pin Icon – This marks the business location on the Waze map – 152×112 px
  • Square Banner – This is for the pin-click screen – 200×200 size
  • Brand Logo – This appears on the pin preview screen – 690×550 size

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