Diseño de Stand en Panamá

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Be the Greatest at the Exhibition

There is nothing more individual than a designed exhibition stand. Because the stand is specific to your needs, it will certainly be unique and stand out at a show. To be the greatest at the show, hire Optimized for a the best stand design in Panama.

If you want to make a big impact and put the competition in the shade, you’ll need a stand that not only has the elusive wow factor but also represents your brand, and is designed specifically around your products and services.

Your stand is one among many others, and visitors will decide in a glance or two whether to stop and look further or walk past, and that’s where really well designed graphics do their job. You need a stand design in Panama that will correctly represent your brand.

We know how to take your corporate image, colours, logos and words and put them on panels, lightboxes, tensioned fabrics and many other platforms, and add in lighting, movement and 3D effects.

If you’ve already got an ad agency or PR house looking after your exhibition design and imagery, our designers will talk to them in that special way that creatives have and we’ll combine our expertise together on your behalf.

In case you have your own stand design and looking for a reputable contractor to build it, just email it to us and we will be happy to provide you with our best quotation.

Our professional services include:

•    Design conceptualization and development, unique designs
•    Stand fabrication and delivery
•    Installation and dismantling
•    Project management
•    Liaison with the organizers