Copa Golf

At Copa airlines we take our Social Responsibilities very seriously and we are always looking at ways to make life better for all, in particular those in need. At one time this event was only a dream for me due to the fact that I lost my father to cancer when I was 19 years old. During his life time, he always portrayed a great empathy for helping those in need, and had always put time, effort, and a great emphasis on promoting education. Thanks to a group of sponsors and volunteers, in 2012 my dream became a reality and we held our first Golf tournament called ¨ Copa Airlines Technical Operations Charity Golf Tournament¨. We were able to raise $75,000 which was divided between ASONAPAQ (National Association of Patience in Chemotherapy) with the aim of launching a feeding program for 25 under privileged cancer patients in Panama and to support the facility improvement of the “Centro de Alcance Positivo por mi Barrio de la 24 de Diciembre”.

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