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Facebook Advertising in Panama

With social media advertising, you’re still providing people the same great value that you normally would on your other channels, like organic, social, and email—you’re just putting some money behind your promotions to show your content to people who you think would benefit from it. Facebook Advertising in Panama is very popular, and Optimized has the best strategies for it to help your business.

Facebook Campaign Structure and Ad Types

Facebook ad campaigns are structured into three levels: the campaign, ad set, and ad. The cration of your ad campaign begins with setting the objective of your campaign, then goes into deciding whom to target your ad to and what pricing to set, and finishes with the creative aspects of choosing images, writing copy, and selecting ad placements.

Promoted Post
A Promoted Post a post created specifi cally as an ad that you pay for to promote to Facebook users. It will show up in users’ news feeds like a normal post but not on your Facebook business page and will have the word “Sponsored” displayed under the nameof your business page.

Boosted Post
A Boosted Post is an organic post on your Facebook business page that you put money behind, and Facebook will deliver your post to a wider audience like with a Promoted Post. When compared to Promoted Posts, Boosted Posts have more of a focus on reaching your existing fans and increasing engagement on your Facebook page’s posts to make it seem like the engagement is organic, though they can also be served to people who don’t already like your page. Contact us for more information on how to :

• Setting Up Your Campaign
• Targeting Your Desired Audience
• Budgeting
• Bidding
• Creating Images and Copy
• Displaying Your Ad
• Analyzing Ad Success

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